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June 20, 2010

The lottery Code for Claiming items

Everyday that I currently stay most of the time fromplaying Freesky Online game, I usually check my account at the sky market to claim my hourly period equivalent for sky coins.

What are Sky Coins?

This is a separate amount of virtual cash that can only be earned basing from the time you have spent from being online with the game. Sky coins can be exchange for a different variety of items such as blueprints and ready made ships.

If you have chosen the item that you wish to purchase, a certain code will be provided and you have to insert it on the lottery code. Choose the city that you want for that certain item to be stored before trying to press the “Exchange” button. I suggest sending them into your main or primary castle so that you can easily find the item when you finally need it.

Sometimes the IGG will be conducting maintenance, celebrate certain holiday seasons, and giving out prices for contest winners. They will be providing a code that you can use to claim such items and to tell you more, I had manage to acquire almost 500 worth of gift points. I haven’t yet spend this points until now because I’m trying to define on the part for its best purpose. For the winners of a certain event or contest, the codes are to be sent into your email so provide the IGG the details that they need for sending you the code.

Always try to check the result if you had claimed the correct and complete items after exchanging the code. There might be some bugs that sometimes you are not credited into your account. When such error occurs, the best thing to do is to take some screen shot and contact the service center support for help.

There’s nothing more important to talk about on the lottery code but just a method for claiming items as I had defined above. I just happen to explain about it on this post because there are too many newbies trying to beg for an explanation. Anyway, we really do not know what might happen in the future if the IGG team has decided to make some changes on this claiming method process.

June 13, 2010

June 9, 2010

The Community Forum

Having trouble looking for the best answer about FreeSky Online game? then the best place to look for that solution is to go to the community forum. You can find the link at the official website and you are automatically registered provided that you already have an IGG account. I’m not really sure about this because my account was created two years back before and FO is not the first game that I played under the IGG.

I often hang around as well on the forum trying to answer some newbie questions and at the same time hearing out veteran players for some useful tips and guides that I have not yet known. It’s actually the best place to learn because most of the members are active and they are willing to help on your problems relating to the game.

You might even be surprised that some of your alliance friends are one of those active posters. In addition to being active and helpful, you are able to acquire some points that can be soon exchange for some bonuses.

Updates and news releases that are posted on the board are well discussed on the forum and the best part is that you can participate and share your own opinion. I think that the IGG are reading those post and analyzing those player’s feedback and opinions weather to implement or not. You know the rule, “Players are always right”.

Alliance group have also their separate and private forum to discuss their strategy and plans. Membership are strict that you have to provide some proof that you are the character from the game. This will help them prevent against spies and any other form of intrusion.

We have our own Alliance community and it is only available for those players who are a member of our group for at least one month period. Sad to say that we do not trust any new member and they have to prove their loyalty by being a member for a whole month.

Moreover, I wanted to apologize because I can not reveal my real identity or username on the official community site. I have my reason and it’s best to keep it this way.

June 2, 2010

Miracle Village is now Suffering an Attack

Players of FreeSky Online are growing in numbers each day. Some has even manage to maintain two or more accounts. And guess what, the game are becoming much better as the IGG keeps on going with their updates.

Since there is a sudden population growth, new alliances are formed. Others had left their group to join those newly created alliance because they are given a better opportunity and wanted to gain new friends.

We are now currently conducting our Miracle Village upgrade and there are multiple attacks coming from different group of enemies. A ten fleet with a maximum tonnage doesn’t stand any chance so we need to have more than 50 to defend our MV. A hero is always required to lead your army because they do help a lot in battle. They often provide additional statistics to increase your ships weapon attack and defensive mechanism.

I have sent three of my ships which I can only afford to make and spend some food consumption. They are already hanging on our MV for this last three days and I am constantly receiving war reports. Checking on the tonnage of my fleets are greatly reduced in numbers where I have to merge them together to max the tonnage.

We are not the best alliance on the realm that I currently play where there are others who can always annihilate our miracle upgrade when they really wanted to do so. It’s what we fear that they should not get involve or we need to devise another better plan.

However, I keep repeating this on my several previous post that I am a commerce hybrid type of a player and I hate war. All that I have to do is to perform my part as a member of the group such as giving out donations and providing some assistance at the best part that I can. Anyway, there will be the time when I will be able to max out every skill that I have on the natural institute and that will going to change my course to research some of my military skills.

May 26, 2010

Storage Capacity Exceeded

You might probably experienced shortage on your storage capacity especially when you have not yet fully upgraded your buildings into their maximum level. Even though that you are able to max your structures limitation level, there are still some cases that the storage capacity has been reached.

The disadvantage when this happens is that your resource production output will going to stop because their are no more place that they can store them. There are two ways on how to solve this problem and it’s either selling half amount to the trading market or to use it for the production of parts. As a third option, you can donate them into your Miracle Village.

To share with you on how do I manage my resources requires some basic mathematical calculation. You do not have to worry as I am going to explain here in the most detailed possible way.

If you have reached the maximum storage capacity, you immediately need to remove at least 50% and sell them to the market. It is not advisable to leave your structure filled-up because the output being generated at an hourly period are just going to waste. You will notice that the total accumulated amount that you have will turn into red when it’s full but changes to green when there’s space available.

As a member of a certain alliance, your best contribution is to donate your extra resources. So send at least 25% and leave the other remaining amount for the construction of parts.

The percentage distribution can be adjusted depending on how much output a certain city that you have. I find this example to work on most cities that have the same type of land resource. Anyway, it’s just a simple system and you can always tweak or add some extra strategy to get the best out of this method.

I wish that I could provide more of my methods but it seems that my everyday life are getting more busy. Sad to say that I can no longer post more often but I promise that whenever I have an available time, I will try to provide some updates.

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